“Breathtaking, a joy to behold… will make every ballet lover’s heart dance with delight.”


“Breathtaking, a joy to behold… will make every ballet lover’s heart dance with delight.”

“Mesmerising… deliciously different and equally beautiful… captivating…”

Orielle Berry – Cape Argus

“Goosebumps… pretty special...”

Theolin Tembo – IOL

“Breathtaking, a joy to behold. Will make every ballet lover’s heart dance with delight.”

Barbara Loots – Theatre Scene Cape Town

Read full review here

“Beautiful images and excellent ensemble dancing...”
“A true celebration of the marriage of classical ballet with more contemporary styles, CTCB’s Amaranth is a must-see.”

The Show Guy.  Read full review here

“Cape Town gets a taste of the feast of ballet that awaits...”

“George Balanchine’s Serenade, is the perfect appetizer. It is light, but not frothy… set to Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings… it fires up all our taste buds”.

“We are soothed and pleased, held and caressed...”

“Bliss!  The music, the dance, the colour washes gently over us…  Balanchine himself said of Serenade that there is no hidden story, that it is just people dancing beautifully in the moonlight.”

“Moving and satisfying...”

“Veronica Paeper’s staging of South African-born Frank Staff’s Transfigured Night is moving and satisfying.  The young lovers provide a joyous counterpoint to the jealousy and rage of the family drama. Leane Theunissen as the older sister was the standout performer of the night for me.”

“60 dancers... sensational piece delivers again and again.”

“… when the cast of 60 dancers claims the stage and the audience for Enemy At The Gates Christopher Huggins’ sensational piece delivers again and again.”

"Breathtaking fusion of contemporary ballet and modern movement...”

“Spectacularly athletic ballet leaves one totally satisfied, yet we wouldn’t say no to a second helping, or even a third. A hot and spicy final course”

"A sweeping statement on the breadth and depth we can expect from the new CEO..."
Amaranth … is “a tantalising tasting menu of what is to come… a sweeping statement on the breadth and depth we can expect from the new season and the new CEO at CTCB.”

Siobhan Cassidy – Call off the Search 22 June 2019. Read full review here

“Takes your breath away...”

“George Balanchine’s Serenade is a lyrical patterning of perfectly groomed dancers in silvery blue and the visual impact takes your breath away.”

“Repetiteur for the George Balanchine Foundation Rebecca Metzger did a wonderful job translating this work for a cast eager to learn something new”

Debbie Hathway, here

“Keeps its audience in thrall...”

“What makes this production so pleasing is the commitment and well-honed proficiency of its executants.”

“Tightness of ensemble in such a huge group of dancers is admirable, attesting to the discipline of long and intensive rehearsal common to both classical and contemporary ballet and, in this case, bringing its reward.”

Beverley Brommert – Weekend Special here

"A triumph of classical meets contemporary ballet... exhilarating..."

Robyn Cohen – The Cape Robyn

"Cinderella, sophisticated elegance but also capable of expressive tenderness..."

Cinderella, October 2018

Performance-wise, there is much to recommend this production. Janet Lindup as Daffodil (the senior Ugly Sister) breaks with the panto tradition of cross-dressed females, and is stellar in the part, exploiting its comic potential with her infectious sense of fun. Quiroga dazzles as the Prince, all sophisticated elegance but at the same time, capable of expressive tenderness in pas de deux with Laura Bosenberg as Cinderella. Their first partnership in the pre-ball fantasy of Act 1 is memorable, its calibre confirmed by later appearances together.

Reliable accompaniment from the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, stunning visuals resulting from Kirsti Cumming’s digital design and Faheem Bardien’s lighting, and the collective commitment of the cast, combine to make this an auspicious start to the 2018 summer season.

Review by Beverley Brommert, Cape Argus

"Giselle, bringing emotional depth to this ballet drama..."

Giselle, July 2018

Angela du Preez and Pam Golding, two recently deceased Cape Town City Ballet stalwarts, were honoured, on Friday 6 July, by Giselle’s opening night. These two indomitable women, were giants in their long-term commitment to CTCB, and have left an “unfillable” void in our local ballet world.

For over a half-century Elizabeth Triegaardt has played significant roles within CTCB’s frame… and now shows an extraordinary talent for schooling traditional ballet blanc corps de ballet to meet the highest standards. The female corps’ togetherness and style created the eerie supernatural quality Act 2 demands, backed by equally implacable leading Wilis, Hannah Ward and Claire Spector, Rosamund Ford turned in a fine performance as the cold heartless Myrtha. And Daniel Szybkowski as Albrecht, blended well to Laura Bosenberg’s Giselle, bringing emotional depth to this ballet drama. Bosenberg’s fresh approach to the “mad scene” made it one of the most heart breaking yet seen at Artscape. Xola Putye’s physical looks ideally suit Hilarian; of note in particular was his excellent mime craft.

Review by Sheila Chisholm


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